Colin ABC - Chest


I need this ABC like I need air it seems *O* awesome idea! :3


The goal of this challenge is to make it available to absolutely every (or almost every) fandom here on tumblr, and to allow you guys to do this challenge the way you want to - choose one fandom, choose more than one fandom, make whatever kind of edits you want, just do your own thing!  Below is a list of 11 prompts to choose from.  Do one a day, do one a week, do them backwards, forwards, whatever! Just be creative! The tag for it will be “tpachallenge” so everyone can see each other’s work! Enjoy! 

  • Prompt 1 - Favorite color + Favorite character
  • Prompt 2 - Favorite color + Favorite season/movie
  • Prompt 3 - One Favorite quote from the tv show, movie, book, etc
  • Prompt 4 - Favorite quotes from any/all season(s), each movie, each book in the series
  • Prompt 5 - Black/White + Movie/Character/Season of your choice
  • Prompt 6 - Rainbow + Movie/Character/Season of your choice
  • Prompt 7 - Genreswap! [Genre of your choice]
  • Prompt 8 - Sassy Lines from one or multiple characters
  • Prompt 9 - Favorite moments of your otp
  • Prompt 10 - Best moment from each movie/season
  • Prompt 11 - Saddest death + use of textures


Bea: [Arthur] wakes him up
Bea: his nose gets on the shot
Bea: hello handsome
Bea: bad dream?


Would you do that just for me? Just stop it. Stop this.

merlin x bbc sherlock mini comic because this show ripped my heart out and smashed it into a million tiny pieces ;w;

Emilia Clarke for Glamour France (April 2014) [x]